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Christian Discipleship Program (CDP)

Discipleship is crucial if evangelism is to be truly effective.

02 / Christian Discipleship Program

We provide discipleship training to new believers and equip local church leaders to disciple their leadership and congregation more effectively.

During the last week of a Gospel Outreach, we run our Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) providing discipleship training to the new believers and equipping local church leaders to disciple their leadership and congregation more effectively, through Bible-based teaching and leadership training in their local language.

To do this a CDP center is established at a central location chosen by participating pastors. Our CDP coordinator trains up facilitators into a committee that runs the sessions in their village for years to come.

Everything needed to run the sessions including the 50-hour curriculum, flash drives, TV monitor, DVD player and power generator are provided to the committee, free of charge.

The CDP coordinator regularly returns to monitor the growth and impact of the program. We provide weekly training to more than 10,000 churches through over 1,000 CDP centers established to date.

The CDP consists of over 50 hours of Bible-based teaching sourced from multiple leading teachers around the world, recorded onto 17 DVD’s and translated and dubbed into more than 50 African languages.

Sessions run weekly until the 50 hours are completed, after which they restart either with an intake of new believers or for continued deeper learning and revision.

  • Welcome to your new family
  • Spiritual formation encounter
  • Spiritual victory guide
  • Spiritual victory encounter
  • Reaching the lost
  • Evangelism encounter
  • Developing the leader in you
  • Champions encounter
  • CDP program
  • Church structure
  • Cell structure introduction
  • Structure of programmed Church
    • Statement of Faith
    • Programmed Church
    • Church admin
  • Mysteries of the Gospel
  • Who is Jesus?

All who respond are given a follow-up booklet in their language and their details recorded for further follow up by their local church leaders. We make the most of our time spent in these villages as we know that they are located where many are not willing to go, which has lead us to do door-to-door evangelism that allows us to connect with people and their families heart-to-heart.

Because we seek to equip and help grow the local church, we train up pastors, counsellors, and intercessors to use our Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) to disciple their community members after each of our outreaches.

Our impact
CDP centers established
Discipleship trainees
*Christian Discipleship Program impact in 2023


Christian Discipleship Program - Makupa Village

“I am blessed and touched by these teachings that the man of God has just imparted to us. I was challenged a lot about my own prayer life which has declined. I was a prayerful girl, before marriage, but right after my wedding, my prayer life began to decline. I pray that God helps me to revive the prayer life that I had before, and to restore me in all areas of my life.”

- Esther Ilunga

- Esther Ilunga