Our Unique approach at a glance


Constant need for Evangelism

Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach focuses on the most rural and often unreached villages in Africa. It is our desire to reach individuals and to ensure that each decision for the Gospel is a lasting one. In order to achieve this, we have developed a simple and effective strategy and have seen the positive results of this in the past years.

We have trained and developed teams who are now evangelizing Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania and South Africa. Each team consists of an evangelist, a Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) coordinator and two trainees. These team members are all indigenous to their respective countries and are in effect evangelizing their own people, for example, our Kenyan team members are all Kenyans who are evangelizing the Kenyan rural villages.

Meet and Train local Pastors, get required legal permissions

The team meets with the village pastors and leaders to explain our vision, mission and the strategy. We work with as many (if not all) churches and pastors as possible in each village, making no distinction between any denomination and favoring no specific church or movement, in order to enhance and encourage unity in the body of Christ. (Our desire is to work completely interdenominationally. This is further emphasized by the fact that our teams are also made up of members from various denominations including Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal etc.) The village pastors, counselors and intercessors are trained during week one for effective follow-up after each outreach. Jesus Alive does not establish a new church in the village but desires to see the local churches grow. Pastors are therefore also trained on how to cope with the influx of new church members. Finally during week 1 all the relevant permissions are obtained, the event grounds are prepared and the equipment is set up for the following weeks outreach.



Morning evangelism in primary and secondary schools

The Gospel Outreaches take place from Monday to Sunday at a central location in the village. Schools are evangelized during the mornings and it is our goal to reach every school in each village. In the afternoon or early evening the Gospel is ministered to the villagers in their own language through an easily understood message.

The pastors, intercessors and counselors who were trained during the first week assist our team to make sure each person is prayed for and receives a follow up booklet. Their names are recorded in order to allocate a church or pastor to care for the new believers and to encourage them to attend the Christian Discipleship Program during the third week.

With all the local churches participating, we hold evangelism meetings every day for a week

Each of the participating churches have a time within the daily program, to have their church choirs render a few songs. Thereafter our evangelists will preach the Gospel message, with a call to repentance. All those who respond are given a follow up booklet in their language and their details recorded for further follow up by the local church leaders.

Before the meetings end, a prayer is offered for all those who might be sick. Time is given to individuals who have been healed to give their personal account of what their condition was and what happened after being prayed for.



Implementation of the CDP centres

Our Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) is implemented by our CDP Coordinator. The local pastors are trained and assisted with the implementation and new believers are encouraged to attend this discipleship program. CDP is implemented in every village we evangelize.

The Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) consists of over 50 hours of Bible based teaching sourced from multiple churches in its development of over 10 years, recorded onto 17 DVDs and translated and dubbed into multiple African languages. This curriculum is designed to disciple new believers, existing village churches and their leadership, in living victorious lives and to teach them to fulfill the Great Commission to their village.

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