Rural Evangelism

Rural Africa

Gospel Outreaches take place from Monday to Sunday at a central location in the village. Schools are evangelized during the mornings and it is our goal to reach every school in each village. In the afternoon or early evening the Gospel is ministered to the villagers in their own language through an easily understood message.

The trained pastors, intercessors and counsellors assist our team to make sure each person is prayed for and receives a follow up booklet. Their names are recorded in order to allocate a church or pastor to care for the new believers and to encourage them to attend the Christian Discipleship Program after the outreach


Christian Discipleship Program (CDP):

Discipleship is a vital part of effective evangelism and , after each outreach, the Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) in implemented by our CDP Co-ordinator. Each CDP centre consists of a DVD player, a TV screen , a small generator and a set of DVD discs containing over 50 hours of discipleship lessons.

Because the CDP lessons has been dubbed into multiple languages new believers can understand what they are being taught because the lessons are presented in their native language. During the implementation the local pastors are trained and assisted on how to use and maintain the equipment and how to present the lesson. All the new believers as well as the local pastors and leaders are encouraged to attend this discipleship program. CDP is implemented in every village we evangelize.


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