Donation Packages-USA

If you cannot GO, help someone else who can!..We can..

For over 30 years we have been taking the Good News of the Gospel to the poor of Africa. We have built up an effective evangelism and discipleship model. We are known in Africa for our integrity and ability to bring all church leaders together in unity. Your partnership will further empower us to go and make disciples of all Nations.

Gospel Outreach& CDP sponsorship

Our model covers a three week cycle. Your partnership will help us to conduct a Gospel outreach, school evangelism and establish a Christian Discipleship Program center, for all new converts. Your partnership means that you will receive a weekly report keeping you informed and connected to the outreach and actual results.

$ 12,500.00

Expansion for new Outreach rig

Africa is in desperate need to hear the Good News of the Gospel. We are constantly invited to enter new countries with our proven evangelism model. However this does mean that we need additional equipment. 2x4x4 vehicles and a fully equipped outreach rig.

$ 135,000.00

Reaching 12 people a year

No matter who we are, we have an inner desire to play a part in the transformation of someone else. There is an inner satisfaction that comes from helping someone else, even if we do not know them. you can be that transformation agent for 12 rural individuals in a year!

$ 50.00

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