Young Rosemary’s Faith In The Power Of Prayer

Burton Karuri, Kenya’s Gospel Outreach Manager, gave the following testimony: “The woman holding the baby is called Pauline Okech, 24years old. The girl standing in the middle is called Rosemary, a daughter to Pauline. This young girl came to me after the open-air meeting in Dudi Village and grabbed my hand by force. She asked […]

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“Our God Is The God Of Impossibles”

Ps. Philip Kasoga from Ikulwa Village,Tanzania joyesly proclaimed ” Our God is the GOD OF IMPOSSIBLES, the pastors of the village have been praying for a long time for a preacher to come and have a big crusade, but it was not possible. The coming of Jesus Alive is our greatest miracle ever. All of us […]

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Pastors Unified – Dudi Village, Kenya

Rev.Mark Otieno from Dudi Village, Kenya was grateful to JAGO for encouraging pastors unity:” I wish to express my gratitude to God for what I have witnessed in Dudi during the preparation week through to the open-air meetings.  The pastors have long desired unity and fellowship among us, but have failed due to division and […]

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Salvation By Grace, Not Through Religion

Mr. Eliya Ludelekeja, 24yr, attended the CDP(Christian Discipleship Program) teaching centre in Ikulwa Village, Tanzania and testified: “I was born into a religious family and received the doctrine of my parent’s religion. On the first day of CDP, I came to learn that salvation is just by grace. Many religious people read their bible but […]

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