Banja Primary School

Banja Primary school Principle was delighted that the team took the opportunity to preach to the students. The school had been stagnating for a long time but with the teams presence and prayers, the students had received Jesus and were greatly encouraged.

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Esnas Kevogo

Esnas Kevogo, 80 years of age, who had suffered with bad eyesight and had to be assisted by her grandchildren to get around. After the alter call at the Banja outreach, when time was given to pray for the sick, Esnas received her healing and testified to the fact that God had healed her eyesight.

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Ainea Abogi

73-year-old Ainea Abogi attended the Serem outreach, gave his testimony. While attending the meeting he began to cry asking for mercy and salvation, because he had destroyed his family and young people through his illegal business of selling bhang(drugs) and local brew. Hearing about Jesus he realized how empty his life was and absent of […]

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