Isaiah Ashamba

One man by the name Isaiah Ashamba, 52 years of age, had a total overhaul of his life during the Baraton outreach. The photos show the steps Isaiah took to see his life changed by Christ. Isaiah was in a state of despair when he came to the meeting and the only hope that was […]

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Angel, 19 years old. “I was involved in an unprecedented prostitution that leading my life to be a real mess. That led my father after doing his best to help come out of that in vain to chase me from their home. That was not a solution for me but led me get deeper in […]

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Steve Shavaka

Steve Shavaka gave his life to Jesus at the outreach after almost giving up on life. He said:”I am grateful for the introduction of the CDP in Kaptumo, Kenya. It could not have come at a better time. I am now growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and I am growing to love Christianity […]

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Samuel Tanui

Eighty five year old Samuel Tanui has been living in Kaptumo, Kenya since his birth. Even though he made good money through his tea plantation as a young man, he was wasteful and a very bitter man. Samuel recently gave his life to Jesus and, even though he is happy, regrets only doing so in […]

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