Mrs Agnas

From the Amoto outreach Mrs. Agnas said that, one day she was ploughing when a clot of earth entered her eye:” I had suffered for 5 years and the doctors could not help me. I came to outreach and was prayed for, now I have no pain, I can see clearly now and I have […]

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Pastor Crispin Kalombo

Pastor Crispin Kalombo, who attended the CDP center established as part of the Maksem outreach: “As the pastor of the local Assembly of God Community Church, the audio-visual lessons of CDP are very rich and inspiring. We have seen those who were drunkards and drug addicts at the lessons being taught how to have faith in Christ. We say […]

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  Emmanuel was involved in a car collision ten days before attending the Maksem outreach. He could not chew because of a dislocated jaw, but after accepting Christ, he went home and came back the next day to testify that he could now eat and chew and had no pain.

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17-year-old orphan, Alliance’s life was going down hill fast because of drugs and using woman for his own pleasure and living with guilt of having made a young girl pregnant. Hearing that Jesus forgives sin, Alliance responded to the alter call and made a decision to accept Christ, stating that he wants to have a […]

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