Mrs. Lyla Musau

Mrs. Lyla Musau, 29, had suffered from hip pain for 4 months. She was unable to do heavy work or bend easily. During the first night of the meeting she got healed. She went home that evening to make sure that what she experienced was real and lasting. The next morning she able to do […]

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Patrick Makongo

Patrick Makongo, 21, was unable to sleep peacefully for a long time due to being tormented through witchcraft. On the first day of the outreach he was delivered and has been sleeping peacefully since.

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Pierre Kipili

Pierre Kipili, 22 and single, said; “For many years immorality and cigarettes had occupied a very important place in my life. Tonight, by teachingstaught us to follow Jesus, He overturned my priorities. Now it is He who will occupy my whole place.”

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Mwema Patient

Mwema Patient, 27 and single, said; “My life was characterized by sexual immorality, hemp and fetish practices. But Jesus said “stop” to all these things. My life is now changed and I became a new creature as Peter said on television.”/p>

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