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Emily Baraza

Emily Baraza, came to the outreach trusting God to remember her husband who had been jobless since the beginning of the year. He had gone for an interview in January and they waited patiently, hoping that they will receive the call. Out of desperation Emily turned to prostitution to keep food on the table and […]

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Pastor Edward

Pastor Edward Natse said the unity of Pastors in Boyani was key to the much needed spiritual growth of the church, the church had been a baby church for long because of Pastors differences. The introduction of the Christian Discipleship Program teachings by Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach was a significant step towards achieving this much […]

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Pastor Wycliffe

Pastor Wycliffe believes that God has opened up Boyani for salvation. He said that Boyani has not experienced such a visitation by God, saying that some people who have given their lives to Jesus had been hard nuts to crack. Some were known hardcore criminals but God has touched them and transforming them through the […]

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Mwema Patient

Mwema Patient, 27 and single, said; “My life was characterized by sexual immorality, hemp and fetish practices. But Jesus said “stop” to all these things. My life is now changed and I became a new creature as Peter said on television.”/p>

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Pierre Kipili

Pierre Kipili, 22 and single, said; “For many years immorality and cigarettes had occupied a very important place in my life. Tonight, by teachingstaught us to follow Jesus, He overturned my priorities. Now it is He who will occupy my whole place.”

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Patrick Makongo

Patrick Makongo, 21, was unable to sleep peacefully for a long time due to being tormented through witchcraft. On the first day of the outreach he was delivered and has been sleeping peacefully since.

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Mrs. Lyla Musau

Mrs. Lyla Musau, 29, had suffered from hip pain for 4 months. She was unable to do heavy work or bend easily. During the first night of the meeting she got healed. She went home that evening to make sure that what she experienced was real and lasting. The next morning she able to do […]

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Mr. Hon Shida Galila

    Mr. Hon Shida Galila, Government ward chairman, briefly addressed the CDP attendees at the opening; “I want to thank God for this ministry, for their task of taking the gospel to our rural areas. We were blessed with the outreach last week, where God had healed and set free many who were oppressed by satan. […]

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    Mrs. Eva Magoma

    Mrs. Eva Magoma, 68, said;“Since February I was unable to walk properly because of the pain in my foot. On Tuesday I came forward for prayer. I have received my miracle, Jesus had healed me, glory to God, I am walking without any problem. Thank God for this ministry and the sponsors of this ministry”.

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