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Over time Jesus Alive began to discover that the vast majority of Africa’s unreached were not in the often over-evangelized cities, but rather in rural villages where few evangelists ever go, and very little support of any kind ever reaches the local church. It was also evident that the effect an outreach could have on a small, rural community is proportionally much greater than on a city of millions. Plans were made to change the ministry strategy from mass, city-wide outreaches to rural village evangelism. In 2006 this transition was enacted as three indigenous evangelists, all trained by Jesus Alive were each supplied with an outreach vehicle, necessary equipment and a team of trainees. Under the oversight of Jesus Alive these teams were sent into their own native countries of Kenya and Tanzania initially and the DRC later on, to begin evangelising the rural villages.

By 2012 the Jesus Alive rural evangelism model had matured into an efficient, strong and

powerful evangelistic force. In that year 288,575 souls were led to Christ through village outreach meetings and school evangelism in 40 villages. The great need in rural Africa constantly challenges Jesus Alive to expand operations, and in 2010, partnering with RUCC Ministries, operations were launched into the villages of South Africa. In each village reached Jesus Alive prepares and trains church leaders, holds a week of powerful, daily village and school outreach meetings and establishes a CDP center. Since 2006 Jesus Alive have recorded a further 1.3 million decisions for Christ through rural evangelism.

Taking the Gospel to Africa has not been without its challenges, difficulties and hardships, but we ‘count it all joy’ as there is no greater gift than to see a life

transformed through the love of God and the power of the Gospel.

In 1979 Peter Pretorius, an affluent South African tobacco farmer and his wife, Ann came to the Lord after witnessing the dramatic healing of Peter’s father. Peter and Ann immediately began to passionately share the Gospel wherever they could. Within just three years, in October 1982, the ministry was founded, officially registered in 1983 in South Africa and began with Gospel Outreaches in rural town halls. Later on, in 1986 the ministry was also officially registered in the USA.

Within a year Jesus Alive was able to purchase a 5,000-seater tent and moved from place to place holding Gospel Outreaches throughout South Africa. Over the next 23 years the ministry grew to lead 8.9 million souls to the Lord in 21 African nations through mass, city-wide outreaches. Churches were strengthened, lives changed and countless individuals were healed and delivered through the power of God.

In 1995 Jesus Alive launched the Church Development Program, now known as the Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) to help establish new believers in God’s Word. 50 hours of powerful, life-transforming teaching by Peter Pretorius were recorded onto 17 DVD’s, and translated and dubbed into over 50 African languages. CDP became part of the Jesus Alive outreach strategy in which regional CDP centres were set up between participating churches who were given these 17 discs, a TV monitor, DVD player and generator. Sessions each week have supplied new believers, pastors and churches with the spiritual resources necessary to continue in a life of victory and transformation through God’s Word.



Reaching the vast and remote areas in rural Africa takes courage, perseverance, faith and time.

Not everyone has the time or ability to travel to the remote villages of Africa. Why not help someone who can?

Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach has faithfully taken the Gospel to the poor in Africa for the past 30 years. As the Jesus Alive teams travel from village to village they are relentless in their mission to take the Gospel to the often forgotten people in rural areas of The DRC, Kenya and Tanzania.

We go because there are people like Vedasus Manyama and Elizabeth Charles in Tanzania who have never heard about Jesus before, Remy Kanyimu a teacher in the DRC who abused the mothers of pupils who could not afford the school fees, and Abel Kwash in Kenya, a thief and a gang member who terrorized the people of his village.

Through the power of the Gospel and an effective Christian Discipleship Program the lives of these precious individuals and many just like them have been totally transformed.

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  • – We go where others will not go
  • – We reach the unreached where they are
  • – We reach Africa as a team
  • – Team members are indigenous to their respective countries
  • – We implement an effective, multi-lingual Christian Discipleship Program (CDP)
  • – We work closely with local churches and establish
  • – Unity among the churches through a pastors’
  • – Fellowship
  • – We place great emphasis on discipleship after each outreach
  • – Each new believer is discipled for approximately a year after each outreach
  • – New believers are discipled in their own language
  • – CDP equipment remains in the village and is available to be re-used to disciple future new believers




To fulfil the great commission

“Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel to every living creature” (Mark 16:15)

Through evangelism and effective discipleship.



To achieve our mission in Africa to

  • – Honour God through good stewardship of time, money and assets
  • – Magnify the name of Jesus
  • – Be led by the Holy Spirit and truth
  • – Work in cooperation with the body of Christ
  • – Organise effective outreaches for the furtherance of the Gospel
  • – Teach and preach the Gospel
  • – Demonstrate that the Kingdom of God has come with power
  • – Establish discipleship centres to assist in equipping the church
  • – Assist other ministries
  • – Love one another like Jesus loves us, so the world will know we are His
  • – In everything, give God the glory, honour and praise



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