March Intercessors Letter

Dear Prayer-partner,

Your prayers continue to strengthen our mission to take the gospel to people in remote and rural African communities. Since January this year, we have witnessed 47,013 individuals responding to the call to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.

As Dr. Martin Luther King once enthused, “prayer is the strong fortress of the church”, it has the ability to keep us united in truth and spirit. Prayer not only accomplishes miracles, but also opens our hearts up to receive others with warmth and affection. This is why we are so grateful for your supplications, as they are our greatest weapon against the untruths and unrest we encounter in the world.

As we prepare to establish more Christian Discipleship Programme (CDP) Centres and the next cycle of gospel outreaches, please pray that God opens doors for us to proclaim His message clearly and with confidence.

Below are a few focus points for you to please be mindful of in your prayers:

  • Gospel Outreaches/CDP Centres taking place in the rural villages of Nsange, Sidini, Chigunga, Kabiasha, Tingare, Lunzewe from 13 April to 24 May.
  • All relevant permits to be granted by government authorities.
  • That all local church leaders participate.
  • Protection for our Evangelical teams in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.
  • For increasing boldness to proclaim the gospel in power and anointing.
  • Funding to complete all planned evangelical events.
  • Individuals to respond to the Gospel message and willingness to attend CDP Centres for discipleship lessons.

We appreciate your commitment to partner with us in prayer.:

Love and blessings,

Ps. Johan Boshoff

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