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Over time Jesus Alive began to discover that the vast majority of Africa’s unreached were not in the often over-evangelized cities, but rather in rural villages where few evangelists ever go, and very little support of any kind ever reaches the local church. It was also evident that the effect an outreach could have on a small, rural community is proportionally much greater than on a city of millions.


Peter Pretorius “Servant of God”


On the 25th of June 2015, Jesus Alive Founder, Peter Pretorius, was interviewed by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, which aired live on the Christian Broadcasting Network. This show is the flagship programme for the TV network and is the longest continuously-run weekday programme on cable television, airing for over 38 years.

If you missed this inspiring and thoughtful interview, don’t worry, just click to view the link below.

CBN Interview with Peter Pretorius

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Your prayers continue to strengthen our mission to take the gospel to people in remote and rural African communities. Since January this year, we have witnessed 47,013 individuals responding to the call to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.

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